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Significant Pieces Of Advice For Fledgling Restaurant Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Choose A Restaurant As Your Business?

this picture shows significant pieces of advice for fledging restaurant entrepreneurs

Some people might think that it would require too much work to handle restaurant all on your own.  This is why most of those budding entrepreneurs try to shy away from the food business and industry altogether.

However, you can get many advantages from having a food business of your own.  Here are some of the top reasons why you should get into the food industry as soon as possible.

Why is it beneficial?

1. The endless supplies of customers

The first thing that you will get from having a stake in the food industry is the sheer number of customers that you will get once you establish yourself as a food entrepreneur.  People would always want to eat so you would always have a large customer base if you have a restaurant.

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Visiting the Temple of Heaven in Beijing

The majestic Temple of Heaven in Beijing dates back to the ancient era of Ming and Qing emperors. These were powerful kings who constructed this monument for worshipping their Gods and for sacrificial purposes. The Temple of Heaven has undergone renovation in every century since the 1300s in which its foundations were first laid. Only three decades back, it was opened for the masses as a park. With its rich historical background and ethnic architecture, the Temple of Heaven is one of the most visited places in Beijing.

The Route to the Temple of Heaven

You will begin your journey from the eastern gate of the park. This is the closest spot to the subway. After buying the tickets you will have to travel a 100m distance to get to the Long Corridor. The Long Corridor was anciently used as a transportation route for all sacrificial items and offerings such as fruits.

temple of heaven


Today you will find people especially aged ones strolling in the Long Corridor or busy playing games. Walking further for a few more minutes will lead you to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. Here is where the kings used to bow and worship endlessly day, requesting for a good harvest. This Hall is a must-visit site of China. It is 38m tall and stands on a beautiful wooden structure studded with marbles at different places. Multiple tints and blends of yellows, blues and greens give this Hall an aesthetic and holistic aura. Continue reading